Now’s the Time to Sell if You Want a New Home for Christmas

You Just Can’t Wrap This Present Up!

Too early for Christmas! Not if you want to take advantage of a present you simply cannot wrap!

I don’t know if I like Rightmove or not……’s super expensive and there are better tools out there for property searching.

However, it’s not about me and it’s not about Estate Agents either.

If the curious, the inquisitive, the dreaming or low and behold, the buying public like Rightmove, then who am I to disagree!

These numbers and statistics that this simple property search engine produce are mind boggling!

On average, house hunters are spending over one billion minutes searching Rightmove every month. Bring Christmas and the festive period into the equation and these figures soar even higher than Rudolph skimming the Austrian Alps after forgetting to wear his mask (sic C19 humour!).

Last year between Christmas Day and January the second Rightmove page views increased by 231%!

·         The amount of time that people spent on Rightmove between Christmas Day & January 30th 2021 totalled more than 1.6 billion minutes, which equates to over 3,000 years collectively!

·         This was up by 44% compared with January 2020, and the busiest day was Saturday 30th January, when home-hunters spent over 60 million minutes searching for their next home.

Once the meal has been cooked and the table laid; once the merriment is over (and once the cold platter has been eaten, the charades have ended and Grandma Mary has spilt her Port over the new carpet!) it seems like us British can’t wait to plan that next move.

With this in mind, don’t think of the festive period as a quiet time for house hunting & selling. It is in fact one of the best opportunities you’ll ever have! You WILL NOT be inundated with viewings but your home WILL REACH MORE EYE BALLS (probably a little blood shot mind you!) and you’ll likely be shortlisted for viewings when those last needles fall.

To take advantage of our knowledge and our festive process and tactics, please do not hesitate to contact the awesome or myself

We’ll guide you to success far more successfully than Rudolph’s Austrian mishap and ensure you are and your property are in the very best position for the new year to come!

Thank you for reading


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