FOMO? Wanting to buy but keep missing out?

You’ve now sold and you can’t find a new home! Sound familiar? And hey, it’ not for lack of trying either! You’ve offered on several and keep getting pipped to the post by a “cash buyer” or a family with an easier chain (you know the sort, “I’ve sold to a first time buyer” rather than “I’ve sold to a lady whose sold her house to her son whose sold his house to a neighbour who has the funds in place, definitely for sure, absolutely!”).

You’ve even tried to call on the first day of advertising to find a property “sold” already! Stress levels are rising rapidly!

There are certain paths to take that will make for an easier journey. So here, in no particular order of preference, are a few handy hints to consider!

  1. The highest offer is not necessarily the best. The chain is crucial to put you in a better position than the buying competition. £5,000 less from a first-time buyer is potentially a lot better than £1000 above the asking price but with a chain. THINK ABOUT THE LONG GAME!
  2. Have a cheerful, pro-active and friendly relationship with a number of estate agents! YOU CAN BE LOYAL TO WHOM YOU SELL WITH!  YOU CAN’T THOUGH RESTRICT WHO YOU BUY WITH! 
  3. Some progressive estate agents will know who is looking to sell but not on the market yet? Off Market properties do exist; they are just harder for an agent to monetise so therefore they may not bother to assist you. IF ALL PARTIES WORK TOGETHER (AGENT/BUYER/SELLER) THEN MAGIC CAN HAPPEN!
  4. Choose a “good” and well recommended solicitor! If you chose an online, badly reviewed (but “cheap”) solicitor, other agents may not prioritize you when you place your offer! REMEMBER YOUR SELLING AGENT AND SOLICITOR WILL HAVE A THOROUGH ENGAGEMENT WITH YOUR BUYING AGENT AND SOLICITOR. IF IT’S A BAD MATCH THIS COULD EITHER JEOPARDISE THE SALE OR EVEN PUSH YOUR OFFER INTO TOUCH WITH OTHER OFFERS PRIORITIZED ABOVE YOUR OWN!
  5. This is the unpopular one! If you have a good buyer paying the right price and they’ve been patient so far, they could start to lose interest if you take too long to find your next home! STEP INTO RENTED FOR SIX MONTHS AND YOU’LL FIND YOU SHOOT TO THE TOP OF ALL OF THE MOST POPULAR BUYER LISTS! YOU MAY EVEN HAVE NEGOTIATING POWER AS YOU ARE “READY TO GO” WITH NO CHAIN (WHICH WILL COVER SOME OF THOSE IRRITATING RENTAL COSTS!)

Now……..How can we help?

Well, thinking out of the box we can invite you to our exclusive buyers group therefore giving you first dibs on anything new to the market before we launch!

We can also refer you to some terrific solicitors (we even have the privilege of our own HOTLINE to the boss)!

So although we can’t guarantee that we’ll find you your perfect home we can always ensure that we look out of that hypothetical box and provide only the very best and objective advice to help you move and ease that stress. Annnnndddddd……..relax.

Thank you for reading


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Mark Associate Director Bayzos
Associate Director
Working within the property industry for over twenty years there is a genuine pleasure in handing the keys and congratulating my clients and customers on their journey. Positivity, good health & exercise, happy families and really appreciating the world we live in certainly keep the smile on my face and energy flowing!