How Many Days Should I Schedule Off Work For My House Move?

Booking Time Off Work To Manage A Home Move Is Always A Good Idea

Anyone who has ever encountered moving house in Coventry will agree that the process can often be drawn-out and a little stressful. Booking time off work to manage the move is always a good idea, but how much time should you schedule?

Our team at Bayzos have some great tips for you when arranging time off to accommodate your house move, so read on to learn more.

Is One Day Enough?

Booking the day of your move off work is obviously a sensible decision, and for some people, that will be enough time, particularly if you’re moving to another property in the local area. If you schedule your move for a Friday and usually get the weekend off, you will have three days to settle in and ensure everything is in order before you return to the workplace.

If you’re using a removal company’s pack and unpack service, you will probably find that this is ample time to get everything done. On the other hand, if you’re moving a distance away, hiring a van, and managing all the packing, loading, and unpacking yourself, a single day may not be enough time to get everything ship-shape.

So, Will I Need To Take A Whole Week Off Work?

Don’t worry – your annual leave is safe! It’s unlikely that you’ll need to take as long as a week off work to move house unless you want to give yourself time to take a more leisurely pace! A week off may be a good option if there is work to complete on your new property to make it comfortable. Some people find that taking several days of annual leave to manage their move helps to relieve the stress and time pressure involved in the process as it gives them some breathing space to decide where everything should go as it’s unpacked and to get fully settled in.

Does My Employer Have To Give Me Time Off To Move House?

There are no legal requirements in the UK for employers to give their employees any time off to move house. Nevertheless, some employers do offer discretionary days that you can use for a one-off situation like a wedding, funeral, or house move.

What Happens If My Moving Date Changes?

A common problem that homebuyers face is an unexpected delay relating to their moving dates after they’ve already booked paid leave. If this happens to you, keep your employer updated to ensure a solution can be reached.

Booking an entire week off once you know your moving dates could be a solution to this, since delays will typically only be a day or so, and having an entire week free will give you some wiggle room.

If you’re ready to find the perfect property in Coventry or if you’re ready to put your existing home on the market, call the Bayzos team today on 0330 124 6533. We’re here to make your moving experience as streamlined and straightforward as possible.

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