Relaunch your property

If your agent is struggling to sell your property read the 10 steps below on relaunching.

Relaunch your property

If your agent is struggling to sell your property read the 10 steps below on relaunching.


Relaunch as a New Listing

List your property as a new listing on Rightmove to catch the attention of new buyers and leave your past agency’s history behind.


Professional Photos

All our listings have professional photos and are enhanced to make sure they stand out when people are looking on portals such as Rightmove.



Floorplans are essential for buyers to picture the layout. We provide all measurements and the property’s total floor area.



Buyers expect to see floorplans. They help visualise the space. We include all dimensions and the total size of the property to help potential buyers visualise the space.


Summary description

We keep it short and to the point as per Rightmove’s best practice guidelines. We maximise the space by listing the key features.


Property Description

We prioritise clarity in our property descriptions to maintain viewer engagement.


Weekly Property Performance Updates

Every week, we will give you an update that shows how the current market is reacting to your property. Using this factual information, we can develop a clear plan to keep your property from stagnating.



A dedicated Whatsapp Group will be created for you to ensure smooth communication.

After every viewing you will receive the viewers feedback via Whatsapp. Two hours after the viewing the viewer also receives a text asking for further feedback.



All offers are put through the Bayzos website to ensure we are dealing with serious buyers that can afford your property. The buyer will need to upload proof of deposit, and their agreement in principle.
Once we receive the offer we will also verify all the information before putting the offer forward to you.
Getting keys to new house



The price should be based on three comparable properties as per a bank’s valuation. We will agree two pricing strategies with you prior to going live on Rightmove.



All you need to do is click on relaunch and choose a date and time to suit you for the professional photos and a visit from our valuer.
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Associate Director
Working within the property industry for over twenty years there is a genuine pleasure in handing the keys and congratulating my clients and customers on their journey. Positivity, good health & exercise, happy families and really appreciating the world we live in certainly keep the smile on my face and energy flowing!