49% More Buyers & 44% Less Property! Well That Makes Sense of it All Then!

On the 27th January Zoopla released its New Years analysis.

The “buzz and vibrancy” of the current market (“hectic and stressful” from many buyers perspectives) continues as demand outstrips supply.

The volume of buyers, soaring higher than anytime over the last five years, has also seen prices rise locally by 7.4%!

Three bedroom Semi detached and terraced homes are the most popular with the average price for a house, nationally sitting at £289,500!

First time buyers looking to purchase before further interest rate rises seem to fuel the fire.  That’s exactly what impression I received when undertaking a series of viewings over the weekend.

“If you could wait to buy and let the market settle then this would be preferable of course” 

The conundrum was answered herself when the lady I was discussing this with continued, “but I just don’t want to take that risk?”

There is no crystal ball to solve this dilemma but with more downsizing predicted over the next twelve months (You know, energy bills!) then stock may well continue to improve.

Back to crystal balls again eh….!

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