Hassle-free switch process.

Many landlords are in search of a more reliable service. We’re here with an answer: switching doesn’t need be as hard you may think!


Hassle-free switch process.

Many landlords are in search of a more reliable service. We’re here with an answer: switching doesn’t need be as hard you may think!


Landlord Action

1. Give Notice To Your Current Letting Agent

Choosing to change your letting agent is a relatively straightforward process, though it should be done according to the terms of business that you originally signed. Usually, this means providing three months’ written notice but it is worth verifying this directly with your current agent. After giving clear notification, things become quite easy, with the new letting agency then taking control and making sure there are no hiccups during the transition period. That’s all there is to it!
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New Agent Actions

Our switch service has been increasingly popular and in-demand with landlords looking for reliable rental cover. We offer a Landlord Rent Guarantee that gives the landlord peace of mind in the event of their tenants experiencing unexpected financial hardship or being unable to make rent payments. The policy provides up to six months of rent coverage, helping to ensure that landlords do not see any downtime when it comes to receiving payments from their tenants. Our coverage also includes additional protection in the form of eviction costs, meaning landlords are well taken care of with our switch service.
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1. Contact The Current Letting Agent To Request Information

As soon as we have the go-ahead from the landlord, we spring into action to make sure the changeover date runs smoothly. We start by reaching out to the previous letting agent to make sure there is agreement on when we will be taking over the property. In order to do that, we need certain information from them, such as safety certificates and inventories of the property among other important items. On the agreed changeover date, we take it a step further by visiting their office in person to collect all sets of keys and tenancy documents that are necessary for us to manage the property successfully.

2. Contact The Tenant

Establishing communication with tenants is a key part of the transition process when taking over property management. To do this, we establish communication as soon as possible to introduce ourselves and let them know that we will be taking over management of the property. We make sure to keep the tenant in the loop by regularly keeping them updated and letting them know who they can contact if they have any concerns. In order to make our transition smoother, we ask the tenant to suggest a convenient date and time that we can meet after the management of the property has switched to us
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Successful Negotiations Completion

3. Carry Out An Initial Inspection.

Our property management service takes the stress away for both landlords and tenants. After the changeover date, we visit the property to carry out an initial inspection.

Once we inspect the property, we will then provide a full report back to the landlord which includes an overview of each room with accompanying photographs as well as any suggestions of improvements that might be made in order to maintain or enhance the quality of their rental unit. In addition, this report provides details on any matters requiring maintenance attention. Moving forward, we conduct inspections every 6 months but if necessary they can be done more frequently until all concerns are addressed accordingly.

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