Stop! Front Doors Do Sell Houses!

After an analysis of 1000 three bedroom, semi detached houses with similar square footage, layout and geographic area, Zoopla announced the winner of the “front door challenge”!

‘Colour is a powerful tool to communicate action, influence choice and even change people’s mood. It can even influence physiological reactions,’ explains Lee Chambers MSc MBPsS, an Environmental Psychologist and Wellbeing Consultant who helped with the study.

‘Extreme colours for doors are great if you want to inject your personality into your property but aren’t great for selling houses’ points out Alex Willcocks of Burbeck Interiors. ‘I would recommend painting your front door a neutral colour. Or for a more modern property, opt for a more contemporary style as a focal point.’

Surprisingly the survey (what with Easter around the corner!) didn’t reveal Marianne Shillingford’s preference. As the Creative Director at Dulex, her love of “Yellow” cannot be underestimated!

“‘All around the world we recognise the power of this joyful shade to conjure hope, positivity and happiness. It is the smile on the face of your house – which is infectious to all who walk past’.

It does come with a warning though, too much yellow, if feeling stressful or agitated can exacerbate the feeling too (but we’re not going to be sat looking at the front door for too long every day now are we!).

So which colour front door adds the most value to a property?  The research revealed that blue is the most valuable front door colour to have, adding an average of £4,000.

Shortly behind blue is white , which adds roughly £3,400 to the value of a house. Red takes a bronze medal with £1800 of added value.

Unsurprisingly brown is the least valuable, decreasing property value by an average of £700. Baring colour influence in mind a property expert advises those looking to sell to avoid ‘extreme colours’ and keep things ‘neutral’.

Yellow and Blue. Who would have thought it.

Thank you for reading.

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