How Real are Selling Sunset and Mega Mansion Hunters? Do You Need The Swagger to Sell A Home?

Have you heard of Tyron Ash? 

If you haven’t then maybe think of a David Brent and Eddie Murphy mash up with a dash of Alan Sugar thrown into the mix too!

As much a hero to many as a pantomime villain to others, the lead protagonist in Channel 4’s new “Mega Mansion Hunters” is nothing if not controversial.

There have been many bosses as profane and many possibly even more intolerant of “failure” but how relevant should this mentality  really be when it comes to “selling” a home?

Do you need aggression? Does this help a sale? Do you need Gucci shoes and a supposed £3000 a month clothing budget? Do you need experience either, come to that?

Strangely enough, to earn the money, it would appear that all but one of the questions asked are borderline true.

The one that isn’t, is “experience”?

Tyron himself has has an Estate Agency background. But not one he enjoyed and not one that lasted too long either.

One of his agents was a beautician, one a gang member and one a take away chef.

Estate Agency experience. Not at all.

Drive, enthusiasm, passion and self confidence do not seem lacking however.

With this in mind the commonality between success within the industry and failure could be gauged as NOT requiring experience BUT having tremendous drive and determination.

After all, and we’ve said it before, you can’t make someone buy a house of they don’t like it?

You can however refuse to accept that the perfect buyer is not out there.

The relentlessness and the passion therefore could certainly make up for ten years of “waiting for the phone to ring” and the “wrong” training.

Convince the seller of this and the instructions will surely come. Then in a market like this, the properties listed will almost certainly find their perfect buyer.

Swagger won’t sell them.

It may though win the housing stock and then, at least have the very best fighting chance.

What do you think?

New agency with the “right” attitude or old agency with “experience”?

No rights or wrongs, all opinions welcome!

Thanks for your time.

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